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Terms and Conditions

Bronami is in the business of building a world-class video editing platform to connect you (the Bronami web-app user) with Bronami’s professional video editors, AKA the Bros.

Content and Copyright
All media that you upload to Bronami belongs to you, or you have permission to use it out-right, and you are allowing Bronami to edit the footage for you.

Not For Commercial Use
Bronami is a video editing service for personal use only. You will not use your edited video for commercial use.

Free Video
Bronami will provide you with a full length branded version of your edited video at no cost. This is available in your Bronami Project screen and is only available as a download. Bronami does not mail, ship or courier any files.

Money and Fees
You can pay for an unbranded High Definition version of the edited video. Once payment is complete the HD download is made available within your Bronami Project screen.
Bronami retains the right to remove any video files without warning (but probably won’t).

Content Ownership
You have ownership of the final edited video. Bronami is not responsible for any offence or harm caused by your video.

Marketing Content
You allow Bronami to use your non-identifiable footage (i.e. stuff that doesn’t include your face) for Bronami promo purposes. You can request for it to be removed if you don’t like how we used it.

Right Of Refusal
Bronami retains the right to refuse any project at any time. Bronami will not accept any media that it deems hateful or explicit.


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