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Q&A With Brobassador Ron Hill-Wright

We caught up Bronami Brobassador and Downhill MTB athlete Ronja Hill-Wright (a.k.a Ron).

When did you start riding?

“I first picked up a mountain bike when I was 20. I started off racing cross country and endurance events but quickly realised pedaling was not my strong point and moved straight to gravity racing!”

When you aren’t riding mountain bikes what do you get up to?

“Right now, if I’m not riding bikes, I’m training to ride bikes. I like to get to the local climbing gym with a few mates, look after my veggie garden and chill with my puppy when I get downtime.”

If you could ride trails with anyone who would it be?

“My bestest trail buddy Alfie the dog. I’m not fussed on who’s company I am in just as long as they are frothing as much as me.”


Your gnarliest crash?

“Gnarliest crash was in Val di Sole, Italy, at the 2016 UCI MTB World Champs, Crashing my seeding run near the bottom of the course in high speed section I came off onto my hip, helicopter flight to the hospital and four nights under observation. Thankfully all bones stayed together but causing internal bruising in my lower abdomen and groin, needless to say not a lot fun.”

Favourite trail?

“Changes all the time. At the moment it is a trail in the Whaka forest called Tumeke which in Maori means “Too Much”. In the dry it’s a flowy, tight, native piece of singletrack. In the wet it’s a bit like a mudslide in slow motion. Excellent both ways. “

Best post-ride meal?

“Poached eggs on freshly made potato rosties.”


Secret to finishing an Enduro race?

“Keep your fuel up – don’t forget to eat and drink.”

Your best piece of advice to someone starting out?

“Always play around on your bike. Not only is this fun, it also builds good bike control and helps you to find your limits. There is nothing wrong with getting out of your comfort zone but the key to staying on your bike is knowing how much is too much.”

A Donut or a Kale Smoothie for breakfast?

“Donut Smoothie.”


Stay up to date with what Ron  gets up to by following her on social media.
Insta: @ronronracing  –   Facebook

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