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GoPro Quik Stories Vs Bronami Edit

The newly released GoPro editing software, Quik, comes in both Desktop and Android/iOS App flavours which you can download for free. It also comes with new Quik Stories feature that cuts together a video for you. But is it any good? We run a comparison to find out. See below:

While an automated, and free, video edit sounds like a sweet deal, we are dubious about the quality.

We test out Quik Stories vs Bronami with some epic footage a weekend away snowboarding Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand.

The Pros and Cons of Quik Stories

Without trying to convince you otherwise, here is a direct comparison between a GoPro quick edit versus yours truly, Bronami.
GoPro Quik Story Edit
Bronami Edit
Technology has come a long way, however, its inability to understand emotion and story make for some pretty boring edits.

Quik Stories Pros:

  • Quik Story edits on the go
  • Little to no effort required
  • Lets you share directly to social media platforms

Quik Stories Cons:

  • Lack of story
  • Can be long and boring
  • Limited use of music
  • Limited editing capabilities
  • Only able to edit videos directly from GoPro
You can be assured that it’s human hands behind the wheel when it comes to editing your footage, so whatever you intend to portray, an exciting clear-cut story is delivered to the viewer.

Bronami Pros:

  • Creative editing to best tell your story
  • Enhance video image
  • Cut to your selected music
  • 24 hours turnover
  • SD, HD, and 4K Versions available

Bronami Cons:

  • Paid by the length of raw footage i.e. 10 minutes raw footage = $10usd

The Conclusion

Even with today’s technology, automated video edits are subpar to the creative talent of human video editors. Video editing is an art. Use a human video editor if you want exciting videos that don’t bore your friends and family.



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