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GoPro Quik Editor: A Guide to Gopro’s Free Editing Software

As an editor by trade, I take particular interest when a new software is released - regardless of whether or not it’s something I will eventually use. The newly released GoPro editing software, Quik, comes in both Desktop and Android/iOS App flavours which you can download for free. Adding to it’s predecessor’s

The Best GoPro Editing Software

Shooting video on your GoPro is one thing, editing those video clips into an amazing video is another. In this article, we cover all the major GoPro editing software. Let’s begin; So you bought a GoPro, and you’ve managed to figure out how to shoot pretty cool video footage. But like

Q&A with Brobassador Evan Brownell

We caught up with Pro Junior Surfer and Brobassador Evan Brownell  from St. Augustine, Florida. When did you start surfing? "I started surfing when I was about 3.  I could surf before I could swim.  My dad had me out there on his long board with him." At what point did you know

Must have GoPro Gear

GoPros are incredibly popular among experienced and novice filmmakers alike because of their incredible versatility and ease of use. The best way to make the most of a GoPro filming experience is to take advantage of all the gear on the market. It can be daunting to look through everything

5 Best Snowboarding Tracks in the States

There are so many incredible places to go snowboarding in the US, it’s enough to put any bro or gal’s head into a spin. No worries though, Bronami’s got you covered. Recently, we showed you the Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails in the USA, and now in today’s post it’s

Q&A With Brobassador Ron Hill-Wright

We caught up Bronami Brobassador and Downhill MTB athlete Ronja Hill-Wright (a.k.a Ron). When did you start riding? "I first picked up a mountain bike when I was 20. I started off racing cross country and endurance events but quickly realised pedaling was not my strong point and moved straight to gravity

Understanding GoPro Video Settings

There are various setting to consider when reviewing the video capabilities of your GoPro camera. For example, there’s frame-rate, aspect ratio, field of view (wide, medium, and narrow), white balance, and on and on it goes. Instead of break down what each camera can do (since each camera has a

Color Grading in Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is something that many of you bros and gals out there will be familiar with, and even use, to edit your GoPro footage. Here at Bronami there are other articles that go through how to integrate your GoPro footage with Final Cut Pro X, so here I

Q&A With Brobassador BJ Breakstuff

We caught up with Bronami Brobasasdor BJ Breakstuff an all round adrenaline junkie and adventure seeker who as we speak has a broken rib from blobbing (google Blobbing or Blob Jump if you aren't sure what it is... don't worry, it's safe to look up.) When did you start getting into

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