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The Best GoPro Editing Software

Shooting video on your GoPro is one thing, editing those video clips into an amazing video is another. In this article, we cover all the major GoPro editing software. Let’s begin;

So you bought a GoPro, and you’ve managed to figure out how to shoot pretty cool video footage. But like most people, you’re probably wondering how to edit all those clips into an amazing video to show your friends. You obviously don’t want your video footage to just sit on a memory card for the rest of time.

The easiest option would be to shrug your shoulders, pop the memory card in a “safe place”, then carry on filming more stuff. But how will you explain that to persistent old Aunty June when she asks (yet again) to see the video from last family Christmas??

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Everyone does it.

We all shoot our adventures, vacations and family times, but very rarely do we ever find the time to do the editing. But read on, as we dive into your GoPro editing software options to make your life easier!

Choosing the Right GoPro Editing Software or App

First things first, you need to think about what software and apps you have access to and what actually makes sense to you.

There are a number of different video editing software for GoPro footage. All have their own pros and cons. Some are more designed for the creative professional, and others for the video editing noob. There is even one option that does all the video editing for you, with a real video editor. Find it below. Hint: Bronami…

Bronami (Recommended)

Bronami GoPro editing software

Type: Online service
Cost: Starts at $10
Stars: star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

What if I could tell you that there is a service that does your video editing for you, at a very affordable price. Yep, Bronami is an online video editing service. Not a software. You just upload your raw video clips to the Bronami webapp, along with some music. Within 24 hours you get back an awesome edited video cut to your music. Edited by a professional with titles, cutaways, non-cheesy transition, everything you want to make your video look amazing and wow your friends.

Bronami only costs $10USD per 10mins of raw footage. So if all of raw clips added up to 18mins, you’d only pay $20. You also pay at the end after the draft, and you can request edits.
So what you got to lose?

Start a video project here


imovie video editor

Type: Software
Cost: $0
Stars: star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

If you use a Mac, iMovie is another obvious choice for GoPro video editing. iMovie is available for free on the App Store, if it isn’t already installed on your Mac. iMovie’s super user-friendly interface makes video editing that much easier, and allows you to choose from templates, music and different themes. iMove also come with color filters and transitions so you can make one clip merge into the next. Bare in mind most of these transitions can look very cheesy and unprofesional.

For a slightly more hefty price tag (from $78US), Magix Movie Editor is available on PC. The one-off cost gives you access to 1000+ templates and a bunch of tracks to choose from. Although it is one of the best action camera editing softwares, it can appear complex to beginner video editors. The Magix Movie Editor App is also available on Android.

View in app store

GoPro Studio

gopro studio

Type: Software
Cost: $0
Stars: star ratingstar ratingstar rating

A quick Google search will usually point you in the direction of GoPro Studio. This is a free GoPro video editing tool created by GoPro and available for both Mac and PC. GoPro Studio allows you to trim, resize, edit and merge your videos as well as change the speed, use different special effects and add music and titles. This GoPro editing software is relatively easy to use, even with its clunky, low-res interface – given you have the time to do it. GoPro Studio is now bundled with the GoPro Quik App. GoPro forces you to download both together.

More info

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Type: Software
Cost: $499.99
Stars: star ratingstar ratingstar rating (star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating for pro use)

Final Cut Pro is, as the name suggest, for professional video editors looking for a full featured editing suite. A few years ago Final Cut made some massive changes to the interface, much to the criticism of it’s hardcore users. The new interface is a kin to iMovie, which makes it much easier for non-pros to use.
Final cut pro is a good choice for anyone looking at investing time into upskilling their video editing capabilities with a full featured video editing software..

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Adobe Premier Pro

adobe premier pro

Type: Software
Cost: $20/month
Stars: star ratingstar rating (star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating for pro use)

If you’re planning on making video editing a major hobby – or even making a living from it – Adobe Premier Pro is a really great option. Priced at US$20/month this is a bit of a financial commitment, but if you’re going to be using it all the time – why not? It’s a cross-platform video editor so can be used with either Mac or PC. However, this feature full software is generally used by professionals and beginners might find Adobe Premier challenging to learn.

Getting Started with GoPro Editing Software

Once you’ve selected your video editing software, it’s time to sit down and get started on making your masterpiece.

Tell your story

It’s good to go in with a rough plan of how you’d like your video to end up looking. A video of your friend’s 30th birthday on a yacht in the Caribbean will be different to the video of your niece’s first birthday at the zoo (or maybe not?!) So think about the story you’re trying to tell, the footage you’ve captured, who features in the video and what background music might suit it.

The very first thing you’ll need to do is import the files from your GoPro to your computer, and open them in your video editor of choice.

Short and snappy

Depending on your footage, you may need to trim and crop it down to smaller chunks, almost like scenes. Five minutes worth of footage of you walking along the beach might get a bit boring, but short snippets of this scene cut with others will keep it interesting. Choose a nice clear shot to start your video with – this will probably appear as the thumbnail once you upload it to social media as well.

Zoom in and out

Don’t be afraid to zoom in and out to highlight certain aspects of your footage. This gives the appearance of motion even if the subject is static. Got carried away and ended up filming everything sideways? Don’t fear. Most video editing software will let you correct this by rotating it, or even flipping it.

Keep it steady

If your chosen video editing software has a stabilization feature, this can be very handy to smooth out shaky footage – particularly handy for mountain biking or running videos, or those featuring a lot of panning e.g. in travel videos.

You can also look at reducing shake by using a gimbal. Check out our gimbal article here

The Fun Stuff: Adding Effects to Your GoPro Videos

Most GoPro editing software come equipped with a bunch of great effects, ready to be used in your movie masterpiece.

A few simple effects can turn any boring old footage into a fun, entertaining watch. However… it can be easy to get carried away when you’re just starting out and the special effects options seem endless. Think about creating a smooth transition between scenes and shots, not a mash-up of every different effect you can get your hands on.

Think of the over-edited photos you see on social media, with their bright filters and dark contrasts… you know the ones, where it’s obvious someone has been too heavy handed with the editing tools. Avoid editing to your video to the point where it is colour corrected and graded beyond recognition.

Keep it consistent!

Video editing is more of an art than a science. Our best advice is to avoid over designing it. Don’t go nuts and use every transition the software has to offer. Pick one transition and keep it consistent through your video. Start with the absolute basics. Fading in and out between scenes, split screens, slow motion, freeze frames, captions and text overlays are all easy to add to almost any video and make it so much more engaging and entertaining to watch.

Slowmo or speed up?

Speeding up certain scenes or slowing them right down is another easy way to add interesting effects into your video. All decent GoPro editing software can do it. Focus on certain parts of your video by reversing or replaying a particular scene to really highlight it. That switch-frontside 1080 double cork off that huge jump is going to look dope in slowmo!

A Blockbuster Soundtrack: Adding Music to Your Video

Music and sound adds a whole new element to video footage. It can help capture the mood or excitement of a scene, whether it be peaceful and serene or high-energy action.

Try to match the tempo of the music to whatever is taking place on your screen, but don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment. The most important thing to remember is to always select royalty free music to use on your video. See our music guide here 

YouTube has a bunch of royalty free tracks to choose from, however most of them will ask you to copy and paste the song and artist details within your edited video. An easy way to do this is at the end of your video so that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your scenes.

Exporting your videos into the right format

You chosen video editing software will give you a number of exporting options. You can get deep into learning about different video codecs. But for most people, the standard 1080p export option will do. 1080p gives you high definition (HD) quality video, which is the best option for social media like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc.

The Grand Finale: Bringing Your GoPro Video Together

With raw footage, special effects and music, you’ve got the basic elements required to make an epic video or movie! It’s as easy as that! Before you know it, you’ll have all of that holiday, surfing and family video footage off the memory card and into a cool video to share with friends and relatives.

Most GoPro editing software will take some time to get your head around. Your videos will look better and better the more you do. learning what transition and effects look best for specific clips.

The more advanced you become at video editing, the more complex the software becomes – and the pricier it gets too. Obviously if you’re the next Steven Spielberg then you’ll see this as an investment. However, if you’re like us and really just want some brag-worthy videos to show off to your friends and family, we suggest giving Bronami a try. A professional video editor will cut together your story in no time.

You Shoot, We Edit

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Emily is a keen traveller and writer. She knows all the hidden gems in New Zealand (her favourite place? Coromandel of course) and loves to explore new things. She takes her GoPro everywhere she goes and captures all her exciting new adventures!


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