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About Us

How the Bros Came Together

Just a bunch of bros, hangin around. While CEBro and CTBro were bustin sweet 1080s in Niseko, Japan, the Bros quickly realized that 25% of the mountain men were filming sweet footage with their own GoPros. It was like a winter market full of selfie sticks, helmet cams and bro’s looking to be heros.

However, much like CTBro and CEBro, everyone on the slope had real lives beyond bro-ing it up on the weekends. That means no time to take their sweet mountain footage and show it off to their lame non-bro bros.

CEBro looked at CTBro and said “Brah, all those bros in the field, trying to be heros don’t have time to piece together their GoPro footage. Maybe WE SHOULD DO IT FOR THEM!”. CTBro immediately turned to CEBro “That is a stupid idea.”

And that’s how Bronami was introduced.

The Alpha Bros

Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson

Carl is CMBro: the CMO of Bronami. Jack of all trades, master of none. Carl loves traveling and all outdoorsie activities. Surfing, spearfishing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking to name a few.
Tudor Coman

Tudor Coman

Tudor is CEBro: the CEO of Bronami. He loves jumping off things, sliding down things, riding fast things and purchasing expensive life insurance. His wife asks to wear a helmet even if he is not doing the aforementioned.

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