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5 Best Snowboarding Tracks in the States

There are so many incredible places to go snowboarding in the US, it’s enough to put any bro or gal’s head into a spin. No worries though, Bronami’s got you covered. Recently, we showed you the Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails in the USA, and now in today’s post it’s snowboarding’s turn. Let’s get to it and check out the The Best Snowboarding Tracks in America.

But woah there, before we jump ahead. This list should provide a great starting point for beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced snowboarders. We’ve got a little bit of love for everybody. So if one suggestion doesn’t suit your needs, you’re sure to find another which will.

Alright, grab your board and let’s hit those slopes.

#5 Mt Baker


As World Snowboarding Guide puts it “If sex was a mountain, Mt baker would be the orgasm.” Not sure I’m that into the imagery there, but they hit the nail on the head identifying this as a top 10 snowboarding destination in North America. And for me, it’s in the Top 5.

Mt Baker has that perfect combination, if you’re like me and you’re more interested in the mountain than the tourists. It’s pretty remote, so you won’t be fighting it out with the crowds to get your spot. And, it has a fantastic range of slopes for everyone, from the most hardcore bros and gals out there, to those who just want some fun learning this awesome sport.

You’ll find Mt Baker in the North Cascades National Park in Washington State, just south of the Canadian border. There are 30 pistes in total, spanning two mountains: Mount Shuskan which reaches 9,720ft, and Panorama Dome with a smaller height of 5,000ft. You’ll be able to climb up on the 9 different ski lifts available. The nearest town is Glacier, with a population of just 370, so when I say it’s remote, it’s damned near the most unspoiled snowboarding resort in the entire USA.

#4 Mt Bachelor


What can I say about Mt Bachelor that hasn’t already been said? Eh… Let me think. Okay, I’ve got one. It’s shaped like a baked Alaska. Pretty sure I’m the first to say that… But all jokes aside, Mt Bachelor is a dream for any snowboarder. We’re talking a 10/10 here.

You’ll find this giant baked alaska (okay, that description isn’t going to stick) in the Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon. If you’ve ever thought about snowboarding down a volcano, then Mt Bachelor is the destination for you, and is one of the reasons it has its epic plateau and bowl at its highest point of elevation – 9,068ft (2,764m). It last erupted around 10,000 years ago, so it’s safe to say that it’s dormant, but nonetheless, it’s pretty cool to be navigating the slopes of something which used to spew lava everywhere.

There are a bunch of great gullies and some chutes which were formed by lava flows, the only downside is that Mt Bachelor often undergoes some pretty severe storm weather, so make sure you know what the forecast is before heading out, and if the weather changes quickly, head to lower ground.

There is a massive 71 pistes in total, with the longest one coming in at 1.5miles. There are 10 chairlifts and 2 drag lifts for easy access, with the bottom lift being found at 1818m. The vast majority of the slopes here are for advanced skiers, especially freeriders who like to snowboard alongside or through treelines, but there are also some fantastic beginners slopes; so even if you’re just starting out, Mt Bachelor is a fantastic USA snowboarding destination for all levels.

#3 Mammoth Mountain


With a name like Mammoth, you better believe this mountain is the real deal. A great selection of intermediate slopes, and a good number of advanced and beginner ones as well. All in, Mammoth Mountain sports an incredible 150 pistes, with the longest a jaw-dropping 3 miles (4.8KM) in length.

Mammoth Mountain is the pride of the Californian snowboarding scene, sitting as it does within the Eastern Sierra region, on the Eastern outskirts of the awe inspiring Yosemite Park – if you want to make a great adventure of it, try some hiking here when you’re without your board. You’ll get some phenomenal GoPro shots while you’re there!

There are no drag lifts here, but there are two gondolas and 24 chair lifts giving you access to the crazy number of bowls and slopes available here. Mammoth Mountain is all about true choice. You’ll find slopes with trees for advanced snowboarders, and you’ll find pristine chutes and winding pistes for the fast and the furious among you.

Definitely a must see for any snowboarder, you’ll never see it all in one visit. It’s a place you’ll want to come back to again and again. The season ends here usually by April, but it’s possible to still get some great rides in even into May, so with well over 10 metres of snowfall each season, you’d be crazy to miss this one. I mean… Come on… It’s called Mammoth Mountain, don’t you want to experience that?

#2 Mount Hood Meadows

mt Hood

Mt Hood, another extinct volcano on our list, has three excellent resorts from which to access its slopes. Timberline and Ski Bowl are both great fun, but Mount Hood Meadows really stands out from the crowd. It’s the most popular of the three, and it’s easy to see why.

Half of its 87 pistes (the longest being an enjoyable 5KM (3 miles)) are for intermediate riders, with a smaller number of beginner and advanced rides also available. Don’t be fooled though, if you’re a beginner, there are some great places to learn the sport here; likewise, advanced riders will not be disappointed.

Hood Meadows covers a relatively small area of the mountain, but that’s one of the reasons it’s so great. You’d be hard pushed to find so many excellent options – from a halfpipe to tree runs – in such a tight-knit area. This means you don’t need to travel around the mountainside, traipsing to find everything. It’s all right there for you. Being popular and smaller does mean that Hood Meadows is busy when open, but it’s still an incredible experience. The slopes are still easily ridable in the summer, so if you’re in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Park near Portland, Oregon, it’s well worth a visit.

#1 Crested Butte


Too many “Crested Butt” jokes going through my head right now… Must… Resist…. If you can say the name of this place without laughing (actually pronounced “bewt”), then you’ll be well impressed with this snowboarding destination. Some might disagree with me putting this one on my list. Sure there are some more beautiful snowboarding resorts out there, and there plenty of others with a greater selection of rides, but as Ron Swanson once observed “it’s better to full ass one thing, than half ass many”.  And Crested Butte does one thing very, very well.

Crested Butte is the resort for the extreme snow rider in you. It has incredibly challenging slopes, some of the most difficult in North America. The terrain is damned near dangerous as hell, so it’s not for the faint hearted. It’s only for those who know they can handle the toughest runs possible.

Because of this, you’ll find the slopes dotted with keen riders, not your first timers, so it’s a great place to meet those who are most enthusiastic about the sport. You’ll find Crested Butte in Gunnison National Forest not far from Aspen. Just remember only to attempt the harder runs if you are confident that you can handle them. If you can, you’re in for some sick rides.

Capture Your Best Snowboarding Tricks and Rides

That’s all for today’s post. And remember, if you really love snowboarding and want to put together a sweet ass video of your adventures, let us at Bronami do the hard part for you. You take the footage and we’ll put it together in an eye-popping way. We’re serious when we say, you have the fun, we’ll handle the hassle. Take things easy and let us edit your snowboarding footage into a thing of beauty.

Let me know what your top 5 snowboarding destinations in the USA are in the comments below, and come back for more extreme sports info and the best GoPro tutorials on the web.


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